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Due to the scope and breadth of maritime issues, transactions and legal challenges partnering with a law firm that focuses on maritime law is the correct decision for your organization.

Maritime Arbitration and Litigation lawyers

Our United Arab Emirates arbitration and litigation lawyers at Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Dubai have extensive experience in a broad range of maritime claims and disputes in all the courts and before the Society of Maritime Arbitrators and the UAE Arbitration Association.

We have extensive experience in the resolution of maritime-related disputes and claims arising out of time and voyage charter parties, bills of lading, booking notes, and slot charters providing for the carriage of goods by sea; vessel casualties, salvage and general average; marine insurance; ship repair, construction, and sale and purchase contracts; arrest and attachment of vessels, bunkers and other property for the enforcement of maritime claims and liens.

Maritime Legal Issues

By combining our personalized approach to counsel with the expertise we have honed over half a century in maritime law, we have helped thousands of clients reach ideal outcomes in maritime legal issues.

Personal Injury Claims

Our victories on behalf of clients in maritime disputes include personal injury claims filed by crew members and dock workers regarding hazardous ship conditions while loading and unloading ships; pollution claims resulting from a sunken vessel leaking oil; and claims concerning defective design and poor construction that led to the loss of vessels.

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